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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  August 11, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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and also another dog. police say 19-year-old carter delaney was killed by pit bulldogs inside his grandfather's home. according to preliminary autopsy results. >> they discovered puncture wounds on the victim's body and many different locations. one -- all of the puncture wounds are consistent with a dog bites. >> reporter: police say the dogs belong to his older brother but cart wears the one to care for him. it was his grandfather who found him and the dogs after the attack. >> i opened the door and saw, you know, the blood and gore and everything. of course, immediately calle 911. >> reporter: the neighbor says he watched carter grow up. >> carter -- a lovely child. i knew him as a child. and he was -- he was a great kid. >> reporter: friends left flowers in front of home in cart areas honor. today a cleanup crew worked to s put the home back in order.
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the would pit bulls are being he ld at the loudoun county department of animal care and control. >> have they calmed down from yesterday? are they still aggressive? yes. >> reporter: it is still unknown what caused the dogs to turn. police say it is possible carter wasld protecting the small pug x from the pit bulls. the pug was also found mauled. what happeneds to the pit bulls has yet to be decided. >> vicious dog case. not up to us. we take it before a court of law and the judge makes the final decision as to what the outcome of the dogs are. >> reporter: leesburg police and animal control want to meet with the family tomorrow to discuss their options. if family members decide they would like to save the dogs this case could head to court and animal control will suggest that these dogs be euthanized because under county law they would be considered vicious. trisy wilkins, live in leesburg. wendy, back to you in the studio. a man suspected of holding down a 14-year-old girl during a home invasion burglary iss
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custo st investigators say rulana entered the unit where three 25-year-old women and a 14-year-old girl were staying. police say once inside he held down the 14-year-old who was sleeping. she woke up and screamed and he ran out of the front door. being held at the fairfax county adult dissension center onburgry and a abduction. the debate over health care reform has become heated. in some cases downright ugly. as elected leaders hold town hall meetings across the country. >> this is control. control over our lives. >> some democratic leaders in congress are criticizing the outbursts saying they are being spawned by scare tactics. like members of congress, president obama held his own town hall meet thing afternoon in portsmouth, new hampshire. there was no shouting. mostly cheers for the president.
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mr. obama answered his critics that claim reform will change people's health care options. >> for all the chatter and the yelling and shouting and the noise, what you need to know is this. if you don't have health insurance, you will finally have qualy affordable options once we pass reform. if you do have health insurance, we will make sure that no insurance company or government bureaucrat gets between you and the care you need. >> near where the president spoke police were keeping track of the man that has a handgun strapped to his leg. the man was participating in an anti-obama rally. police say it was legal for the man to be at the protest with the gun. but he was kept under surveillance. debate over health care reform is taking place in our area as well. maryland senator ben car den got a taste when he held a town hall yesterday. keith garvin joins us now with the story.
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keith? >> many of the congress members representing our area have held or are planning to hold town hall meetings on health care reform. senator ben car den led his top on the topic yesterday. at times he faced very angry opposition. >> they showed up ready to voice their concerns. demonstrators on both sides of the health care debate a at towson state university yesterday for a town hall meeting. at time the debate got downright unhealt unhealthy. more than 2,000 people turned out for the event. sponsored by senator ben cardin. they endured nearly 100-degree temperatures. opinions on how and if the government should fix an ailing health care system came from all spectrums. >> i had it. i have friends in other countries that do not worry about this. ever. i'm sick of it. >> you want it more efficient
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and cheaper. you want the government to do it? come on. >> reporter: emotions have been boiling over at events like these across the country. and some some case that's have gotten violent. before yesterday's town hall senator cardin expressed his hope that things would remain calm. but when he got inside, the fireworks began. at times it was hard for the senator to complete a sentence. >> i want to start off with some of the basics so we all can -- i want to make sure everybody understands where we are today. that's why we need reform. currently -- >> reporter: police, who already were on hand, moved through the audience to make their presence known. the senator did receive some support. >> if he spends what he says --
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>> reporter: but for lawmakers addressing health care reform, even the question and answer session turned out to be one big headache. >> senator, please allow me to also to commend you for showing up and taking the heat. >> very tough crowd. if y dn't get enough, senator cardin is planning to hold another town hall on health care reform tomorrow in hagerstown. and we are planning to be there to cover it. but as you can see, the debate isn't heating up. it has gotten red hot. good evening. bob ryan, storm center 4. another hot one. outemperature is 91. look at the dew point here. 74. it is 90 at national airport. lot of 90s. there have been now with the humidity around some showers and thundershowers coming out of the mountains. our current heat index is 94 degrees. we are going to continue to
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see -- keep an eye on things and there have been warnings up to our north. the heaviest shower up arnd hagerstown could be some more as we go through the evening hours. i will tell you all about that when i join you downstairs. back to you. tributes pouring in around the world after the passing of eunice kennedy shriver. at the age of 88, is the special olympics founder, sister of robert f. kennedy and president john f. kennedy, is being remembered for a lifetime of community service carried out from her home base, the washington metro area. julie carey is here with more on that. >> eunice kennedy shriver has suffered a series of strokes in recent years and relocated to massachusetts. she died at cape cod hospital surrounded by her relatives. but her sloss felt and mourned by millions more. prayers for eunice kennedy shriver at the potomac, maryland, parish where she and husband sergeant worshipped for decades. a woman dedicated to her catholic faith, shriver tried to keep a lower profile her famous
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political brothers, john, bobby, and ted. still shriver became known worldwide as aio champn of the mentally hasp inspired in part by the struggles of her mentally disabled sister rosemary, shriver's special olympics were born out of a backyard summer camp in the early 60s. the program has grown to reach 2 million athletes and 150 countries. >> each time you run and jump, you will say to others everywhere come to our world where we are free. free to choose. >> reporter: staffers paid tribute. they say shriver never saw herself as the face of the special olympics. >> mrs. shriver with the athletes. she empowered our athletes to be the leaders of our movement, to be the leaders in a community, leaders for change. and she was also encouraging the athlet to show what they could do so the community in the world could see their ability.
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i think our athletes are going to take the leadership role to this point forward. >> reporter: shriver was known as a devoted mother to the five children she raised here. several went to high-profile positions of their own, including former nbc news woman and california first lady maria shriver. while eunice shriver didn't seek recognition for her work in 1948 she was awarded america's top civilian honor. the presidential medal of freedom. with her passing her family issued this statement saying she set out to change the world and to change us. and she did that and more. her work transformed the lives of hundreds of millions of the globe and they in turn are her living legacy. the special olympics staff set up a tribute site. hundreds have sent messages in to eunice kennedy shriver. >> thanks, julie. there's more to come on "news4 at 5:00" tonight. up next, more troubles for metro following an investigation into how a train was allowed to leave the yard with too many cars.
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update on a storm we brought you yesterday. the latest on the dog that was found bagged and thrown into a dumpster. new search as part of the investigation into michael jackson's death. the 230 miles to the gallon sounds. announcement from gm about the new electric car, chevy volt. roƱ
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230 miles per gallon on a sing tank of g that's kind of mileage boasted by the chevy volt. general motors announced the 230 miles per gallon rating. the prius gets 48 miles per gallon and the most fuel efficient car on the road. fritz henderson explained exactly how such a high mpg is possible for the volt. >> very simple. the volt can travel up to 40 miles on a single battery charge before the flex fueled power generator kicks in to extend the overall range to more00 miles. three-quarters of americans commute fewer than 40 miles per day, you can commute without using a single drop of gas. >> the chevy volt is expected to hit show rooms by late next year with a sticker price of about $40,000. the new volley is just one of the many ways general motors is reinventing itself
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post-bankruptcy. cnbc's phil lebeau joins with us more on this. how much mileage is gm's stock going to get from this volt announcement? >> reporter: considering this is a private company, eventually when it is a public company again and there's stock to be traded, it could get a huge boost from this. keep in mind the volt does not go on sale until late next year. by then general motors will be a publicly traded company. if this car can deliver anything close to 230 in terms of miles per gallon, the potential here is enormous. ultimately whether or not the volt is popular and a lot of people buy it it comes down to what the price of gas is at the pump. if it is around $2.30 a gallon now and that's what it is when the volt goes on sale it will be tough to sell the volley at $40,000. it is $4, that's a different story. then you will have people saying hey, listen, the price here inform gas is one where i want it to be -- get rid of that.
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the volt is what i'm going to go drive. that really -- that's the variable out there in terms of whether or not volt takes off. >> also, what about just the image of gm? the fact the volt says it is going green and it is progressive and it is looking to the future. it is now competing with prius. is that -- has that helped them at all? >> reporter: absolutely. absolutely. this is a company that's trying to prove to the public business is being done differently. not just building large suvs people look at as gas guzzlers. the volley is in many ways the moon shot for general motors. this company is hoping that the volley can do for gm when the prius has done for toyota. people look at the prius and immediately think of wonderful things for toyota. gm is hoping the same thing happen was the volt. >> also, they are doing the same with ebay where they are combining with ebay. they are trying. they are thinking outside of the box, if you will. >> reporter: new approaches. that's what they are trying and need to try new approaches. they have got nothing to lose at this point. this is a company that has been
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given a second chance through bankruptcy and now they are putting their money where their mouth is in terms of hey, let's try to do business differently. ebay, the volley, you will see a lot of things like this in the future from general motors. >> right now, for the consumer, we had this cash for clunkers program. people who might be ready to get back out into the new car market. what's the best barring only for them? if they want to try to help buy american and help gm. >> reporter: well, listen the clunkers program, if you have an old car that qualifies, the clunkers program is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities that allow people to take advantage. i have friends that have taken advantage of and it they are all saying the same thing. i have a chance to get rid of a car getting 10, 12 miles per gallon and $4500 to do it, that's perhaps the best opportunity that's out there for people now. >> my 90-year-old dad wants to take advantage of it. so that says something. >> reporter: he is not alone. >> no. thanks. phil lebeau. the chevy volt will be coming
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out and claiming to get 230 miles per gallon. we will see. thanks. tragedy today in southern taiwan as a chopper crashes while airlifting people to safety. officials say the helicopter lost contact when it was about to enter a disaster zone. an eyewitness says he saw white smoke coming out of the helicopter wch broke up in the skying and three people, including the pilot, are still missing. the cause of the crash is still unclear. however, officials say poor weather could be to blame. two powerful earthquakes. a quake registering 7.6 on the richter scale hit the indian ocean. shortly after dawn. about ten minutes lar, a quake at a 6.5 magnitude hit near tokyo. at least one person was killed and several dozen people were injured. the quake forced japan to stop running its high-speed train service and forced two nuclear reactors to shut down for safety checks. abtsunami warning was issued for a number of countries and was
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later canceled. are they going to get any relief? >> they have. the one storm moved through. there's not another one immediately heading into it. there have been three, almost in a week. china and tokyo, taiwan, then the earthquake. we are getting relief also from the heat. >> feeling it a little y, not as today, not as hot as it was yesterday. we made it up to 98 yesterday or 97 yesterday for the high. and some buildinge hs our temperaturendnow. our temperature and with those clouds have kep the temperatures down a bit. 90 degrees. we are keeping track here, our 15th 90-degree day. on average, average summer, it behaha en a bit cooler than average, that's why i think we all notice the htea b more. 25, 25 90-degree days. up to the north and northwest it is in the 80s. chicago, 80 degrees. the's not as hot and not as humid air. we get a taste of that but
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certainly not any of the refreshingair. heat index how hot it feels, the combination of heat from the air temperature as well as the lack of evaporation from perspiration makes it feel like it is 94 degrees. you can see some of the clouds beginning to build up. there's a ripple in the atmosphere. that's the reason that down to our south especially, there have been nasty storms. vere thunderstorm watch now until 10:00. here we are in washington. the one cell now moved through hagerstown just to our north. folks up around chambersburg, gettysburg, have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect. look at hagerstown. they knocked the temperature down. if you are up there across northern maryland, bring on the showers. 76 degrees right now after being around 90. showers moved into prince george's county. a lot of lightning and knocked the temperature down. for us, what we will be seeing as we go through the nighttime hours is more of the showers and
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thundershowers. we are still going to be in an overall humid pattern tomorrow. but by tomorrow, there will be a little weak weather front that will have moved to our south. i think it is more than likely with a little bit of a north to northeasterly breeze any showers or thundershowers would be for you folks into southern maryland. and lower eastern shore tomorrow. there is a slight risk for southeastern parts of virginia. and on into the carolinas for those thundershowers tomorrow. and the highs into the 80s. so for this evening, here, we have the hazy and warm, humid conditions with the risk, slight risk, of showers and thundershowers. then tomorrow when you get up and head out, it will be warm and muggy once again. no refreshing air tomorrow. temperatures in the suburbs will be into the low 70s. mid 70s for you folks in the suburbs. fair amount of clouds around tomorrow. and again, as we get late into the afternoon, the risk of showers or thundershowers principally to the south, not quite as hot as it has been. and as we get into the next few days, i think we have an
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increasing chance of some showers especially as we get into friday, saturday right now, while it will still be humid, those clouds and showers will be keeping the temperatures only into the mid 80s. sunday right now. i will tell you more about that. sunday looks like the better of the two days for the upcoming weekend. keep an eye on the showers and thundershowers that may be coming our way this evening. >> okay. thanks, bob. facebook has a new friend. the social networking site announced plan to buys friends feed. that's an unand coming social media start-up. the site allows users to share content online in real-time across various social networks and blogs. and it is similar to not quite as popular as twitter which facebook also tried to buy last year. when we come back, the latest a mid air crash between a helicopter and a plane over the hudson. you heard about credit card companies adding more fees. now two major companies are bucking their trend. there's something big happening at pizza hut.
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- woooh, nice! - that's a lot of food! now get big meals like our stuffed pizza rolls, pizza mia, the p'zone... and our personal panormous pizza starting at just $5. the big eat tiny price menu. only at pizza hut. singer jennifer hudson is a new mom. hudson gave birth to her first child yesterday. his name is daniel after his father. the couple has been engaged for almost a year now. hudson's publicist says hudson
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a is ecstatic over the birth of her son. she won a grammy last year, four months after her mother and nephew were killed in her hometown, chicago. the michael jackson death investigation continues to take twists and turns. earlier today police and federal agents searched a pharmacy in las vegas in connectn with the investigation. authorities have uncovered evidence that nal soerordol doctor, dr. conrad murray, bought powerful anesthetics there. jackson's death is being investigated and propofol is the main focus. the lawyer maintains he never prescribed jackson anything that couldill him. divers are back in the hudson river. they are trying to recover the last two victims of that plane ask helicopter crash that killed nine. one of the victims is known to be inside the plane's wreck sxaj at the bottom of the river. meanwhile, the debate is raging over the safety of flying in the congested area. 225 flights travel through that area each day. lawmakers calling on federal aviation officials to change the
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rules for flying there. new york mayor bloomberg says the a area is not dangerous if pilots are paying attention. those passengers stranded on the continental airlines plane for six hours on the tarmac, they are getting their money back. the flight was bound for minneapolis bunt landed in rochester, minnesota, due to bad weather. ain't round midnight last saturday. nobody was allowed to leave until 6:00 in the morning. continental is offering refunds to the passengers. the obama administration investigating whether consumer protection regulations were violated by keeping people on the plane for so long. the names of president obama's daughters are now caught up in a controversial ad campaign. a young girl is pictured on posters at union station with the text that reads president obama's daughters get healthy school lunches, why don't i? malia and sasha obama both attend private schools. they are not pictured in the ad. the white house wants the posters removed saying that they violate the privacy rights of the first daughters. they group responsible for this
5:27 pm
ad is pushing congress to give public school students better food options. >> i think the president absolutely has to protect his children. that why you don't see the children's names or pictures at all on here. what we are compare ring the schools. the schools the first family has chosen provides healthful kneels and the public schools aren't in a position to do that. >> congress is on the verge of reauthorizing the child's nutrition act. still to come on "news4 at 5:00," an investigation into how a metro train was allowed to leave the yard with too many cars. at least moread news for metro. the latest today on a dog that was rescued after being sealed in a bag and stloen into a dumpster. traffic trouble ace round the busyver son center as the city cleans up tonight an iconic arch way.
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welcome back to our second half hour of "news4 at 5:00." i'm wendy reer. >> i'm pat lawson muse. coming up in this half hour, get ready for some traffic headaches around the busy verizon center it is a city cleans up a well-known arch way. would major credit card companies are offering some relief for their customers. and lindsay has lunch with former washington coach joe gibbs. first this afternoon our top story. more trouble for metro. following an investigation into how a train was allowed to leave the yard with too many cars. >> the last two months have been a nightmare for metro with one tragedy right after the next. pat collins is live outside of the metro center station in northwest to tell bus the latest.
5:31 pm
pat? >> reporter: metro trouble. it seems every week something bad happens to metro. at the silver spring home of michael nash, someoneeft a card of cdolence in the front door. 63-year-old michael nash, a track repairman, for metro killed bay piece of equipment while he was working on the orange line sunday. mr. nash worked for metro 21 years and he lived in the silver spring neighborhood for a long time. >> every time he saw me he says hello, how are you, how is everything going. he is a good guy. didn't hear anything bad. >> reporter: today more bad news for metro. word that on july 31, a green line train left a greenbelt station with two too many cars. a passenger alerted the operator about the ten-car train and it was taken out service. turns out that the operator who
5:32 pm
brought the train from t the ya to the greenbelt station was using drugs. >> the operator that was involved in bringing the train from the yard to the greenbelt station platform tested positive for drugs. he's currently a n a drug rehabilitation program. >> and under our policies and procedures here, collective bargaining agreements, that employee has the opportunity to take advantage of that. >> reporter: this year, there have been aff o m metin tro tra troubles. by our to date, four derailment an16 premature door enopings, and three wrong side door op openings, and ten deaths. nine killed in that terrible crash in june. eight passengers and an operator and then that workman killed in an accident just last weekend.
5:33 pm
so how do metro riders feel about the safety on the train? on a zero to 10 scale, how would you rate the safety on metro rail? >> safety? i feel like it is probably an eight or a nine. >> i would give it a six. >> about an eight. >> reporr: do you feel safe? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: metro is very much a part of the work-a-day world in washington. each day it carries 750,000 riders on 1,500 trains. wendy, back to you. >> pat collins. thank you, pat. the navy is investigating two female midshipmen's claims they were sexually assaulted iser summ. the women say the attacks happened while they were away on training assignment. a val academy spokesperson says a sophomore reported an assault in june while in norfolk. the woman says her attacker was not a midshipman. the other incident a junior reported being sexually assaulted last month but no other details about that
5:34 pm
incident are being made public. so far no charges have been filed in either case. we have an update on the condition of trooper, the little cani canine viciously attacked, duct taped inside a trash bag and left to die in a dumpster. yesterday the veterinarians trying to nurse trooper back to health told us that her prognosis for recovery was very good but today they have changed her outlook to guarded. they say trooper was acting very lethargic today. her wounds around her face do not appear to be healing. trooper was found last friday outside of an apartment southeast. not clear how she became injured or who may have placed her in that trash can. is. a check now on the weather. bob? >> pat, we have clouds that have been building up a bit out to our west. you can see there are showers and thundershowers that moved through hagerstown. folks across northern maryland most likely to seethem. we also have some of these boundaries leftover from last night's showers and thundershowers. so we could be seeing a few more
5:35 pm
as we go through the evening. not anything severe. but they bring a little bit of brief relief. overnight tonight, temperatures will be dipping into the high 60s, low 70s. tomorrow there could be another batch, i think, fire up principally in the mountains or for you folks across southern maryland. that's a little bit the area that there is an increased risk for showers and thundershowers. humidity still going to be with us into the weekend. but as we get there, and some moisture comes our way from the south, maybe a little area of low pressure. we may be seeing some cloudy skies with some rain showers. sunday certainly looks like the better of the two days rht now with temperatures in the 80s. so it will be the mid to high 80s. not the high 90s. we are done with that for a while. back to you. >> thank you, bob. on a learning curve. hundreds of new teachers attending orientation sessions in prince george's county this week. county hired more than 400 for the coming school year. and that's a smaller number of new hires than in the past but the county has offered more positions to so-called resident teachers. those who are working towards
5:36 pm
their certification. this orientation will continue through thursday and next week all teachers report to school. students will be back in class the following week. august 25th. mark your calendars. >> summer almost over. >> going fast. still to come tonight, a lifestyle factory that plays a role in a person's risk for developing alzheimer's disease. >> good news about your credit card. would major companies are reversing a recent trend.
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good news if you have an american express or discover card. the company says they will stop charging fees once consumers go over their limit. new credit card laws will toughen restrictions on those fees in about six months. they generate $4 billion a year for the credit card companies. not clear whether other cardi h issuers will follow. italy is in the grips of lotto fever. the country's national lottery jackpot has pass eed 127 millio euros or $180 million. that's their biggest jackpot ever. italians have been lining up at tobacco shops and those are the only shops allowed to sell lottery tickets. the lucky numbers will be announced tonight. still ahead, using pedal power to take to the air. aeronautic students, designs,
5:40 pm
build a flying bicycle. >> from concept to kitchen. college paperin ten years ago blossoms into an earth friendly eatery. in sports, lunch with lindsay and former redskins coach joe gibbs. y=a0@ a
5:41 pm
5:42 pm
it started as a cole on edge paper ten years ago and it has now blossomed into an earth friendly eatery in northwest washington. the offspring of the american university student wanted to show customers how to eat well and eat responsibly. tonight going green celebrates summer of food and head to the u street corridor. with a name like chicks you expect to find poultry but these rotisserie birds keep them coming back for more.
5:43 pm
chickens that find your way to the plate are no only good for the palate but good for the planet. >> they come from harrisburg, pennsylvania. >> reporter: lucas and victoria are the owners of chix. both come from latin families that have run restaurants. this generation believes that good food is about more than just taste. >> we believe it is about being good to the earth and body. it is about healthy fast food and about being responsible to the earth and to the people in your community. >> reporter: they accomplish that by sourcing the food from local providers and the pictures on the wall show the farm in pennsylvania where they get their chickens. and disposable cups and con terence are biodegradable made from konch starch. the restaurant composts 98% of the waste. the building itself, a row house, off 11th street, u street corrid corridor, renovated with green materials. you can read about it in the
5:44 pm
various ecojournals available for the customers. their t-shirts ask people toat e responsibly. and mission statement on the wall addresses the environmental commitment. the clientele gets it. >> totally green and they explain everything to you if it is your first time there. >> the health impact, eating hormone-free chicken. then stock and trade. biodegradable packaging. when you toss the trash you don't have to worry about styrofoam 100 years from now. >> reporter: while chix is a carnivore's dream vegetarians have not been forgotten. the owner used to a vegetarian. the menu includes a variety of salads, vegetables, greens. even a mean m kra and cheese if you are doing scary, all with a latdin theme. latin theme. >> latin america. i'm from colombia. half spanish, half cuban. >> reporter: they came up with
5:45 pm
the idea of the restaurant ten years ago. two years ago, he decided to pursue his dream. both still have day jobs. they work for the department of defense. their spare time spent in this kitchen. chix is the latest addition to the u street corridor. a neighborhood that's fertile ground with caribbean businesses for years. chix restaurant wants to take those roots and surround them with good earth. wendy rieger, news4. now an adventure that takes extreme biking to new heights. literally. air nautdic student in the netherlands built and pilot ad flying bike that uses pedal power to stay airborne. he managed to stay in the air for several seconds making him the first to fly a bike. the air bike has a wing span of 58 feet and weighs 110 pounds. his reaction to flying was simply it was super. that was super. >> super. >> yeah. that sums it up and got a
5:46 pm
workout, too. >> you have me thinking chicken. i'm calling for -- they deliver. it is good. coming up tonight at 6:00, we have a busy evening ahead. we are going to tell you about a maryland woman who went out of town and had more than $25,000 worth of property stolen from her home and discovered those stolen goods at a yard sale just blocks away. we will tell you what continental airlines is doing for th passengers forced to spend the night aboard a plane on the tarmac. from back yards to athletic fields, more folks across the d.c. area are turning to artificial grass and we will tell you why. all that plus a good deal more coming where on "news4 at 6:00." low maintenance. that's my kind of lawn. i would like that. >> yeah. a lot of us would like that. >> mac and cheese. and then go mow. let's head out to the redskins park where lindsay has something -- lunch with a familiar face.
5:47 pm
>> hey, lindsay. >> hey there, guys. now that joe gibbs is chasing nascar drivers down in charlotte he loves any chance to come back to d.c. he was back here for a book tour and met me for lunch. he talked about stuff like jim zorn and the nascar driver he would like to choke and biggest regret of his life. one of his favorite stop, starbucks. grande skim latte for me, yes. >> venti. every morning i walk in, they already have it out. >> what's your normal starbucks experience? >> i normally go in the morning and i -- almost every morning go to starbucks and head to the office. venti mild and i'm off. a doughnut, too. >> i'm going to get a cinnamon scone also. it has been more than a year
5:48 pm
that you have been retired from football for a second time. what's been the biggest adjustment for you this time around? >> well, i don't know if it is an adjustment, football -- the fact i have never been busier. >> i wanted to ask you tha about your book, game plan for life. one of the things that i was interested in is how you said you feel like occupation should be the third most important. obviously when you look at football coaching, i mean, your devotion has to be the polar opposite. are there things you would have done differently? >> i would have. i mentioned to you that -- a year ago. they have four children apiece. you know. two boys. i told them look, i missed a lot of you guys growing up. coaching and hall of fame. the things you do.
5:49 pm
living that life of a coach. so i said don't do that. it wasn't only football. i got wrapped up in playing racquetball and the things you do. sad even when i look at the pictures of the boys and n thost days. i don't look looking at them because i get upset with myself. >> how do you choose which driver you are going to reach outo for a stock car race? >> after a race, i know i'm going to place where we have the most problems. chance to have three cars, you will have problems. i'm still waiting for the race where we all lead and everybody is happy. >> with kyle bush and people out there will say that he's the best driver in the garage or at least has the potential to be and he's also one of the most temperamental that shows that tide of his personality. >> kyle is very smart.
5:50 pm
i wish people could see the kyle busch i know. he's very, very competitive. we all know. >> i think that tony stewart is also somebody that's knocked the socks of people off this year with expectations. obviously first few minutes, owner and driver, he always points his -- reason he's able to come so far back to you. and learning things from you. how gratifying is it the to see the kind of scess that he has had? >> sometimes i would walk over there and want to choke him. from the standpoint he put three through all that. now you are the model citizen. you have become the model citizen. i want to go -- let me -- but -- what's the deal? did he have a lobotomy or what? >> jim zorn being the second year as head coach, that's a critical year. how critical is that second season? >> you would hope in the nfl you get over this thing, you know, what are we going to get the coach, one year, two years.
5:51 pm
but i think -- jim came down to one of the races and had a talk. i talked to him two, three times. i think this year will be much easier for him. they want a victory win. they want to win now. >> very cool of joe gibbs to meet us at his favorite breakfast stop, starbucks. i don't think starbucks spon sponsors a nascar car yet. he can be the first. one of his nascar drivers right now is in the chase for the championship. he definitely has a his hands full and he says he certainly misses his time up here with the redskins. >> it was fun. fun to talk about. >> he has a gorgeous familiar. >> i eight grandkids. yes. >> thanks, leslie. next, it is easy to change -- easy to change factor. >> technology saving lives as it
5:52 pm
connects doctors to patients hu there's something big happening at pizza hut. - woooh, nice! - that's a lot of food! now t big meals like our stuffed pizza rolls, pizza mia, the p'zone... and our personal panormous pizza starting at just $5. the big eat tiny price menu. only at pizza hut.
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- woooh, nice! - that's a lot of food! now get big meals like our stuffed pizza rolls, pizza mia, the p'zone... and our personal panormous pizza starting at just $5. the big eat tiny price menu. only at pizza hut. bob ryan, storm center 4. another hot one. our temperature now is 90 degrees. there have been showers and thundershowers moving across the northern maryland. so far as you can see no warning. folks up north of balance more are get something of that storminess. and there will be you flows. so there could be some more popping up as we go through the
5:55 pm
evening hours. temperatures tomorrow staying below 90. during the afternoon, afternoon showers and thundershowers. next seven days, the remainder of the week, humid there still be around. and with more moisture, area of low pressure trying to come our way late thursday and into friday. there could be a period of rain showers into at least part of the weekend. we have been dry. we could use that. then sunday looks like the better of the days. still a bit on the humid side. bu t u.o back ks anth b.,bo , bob. and you still have tim t,o beat the heat if you live i n montgomery county. pool hours are bngeing ndexedte. all seven of the unco'ties outdoor pools wilbepe oti uilnt 9:00 tonight. if you silwim a a 6:00 it is fr. ndc. a therc. jurisdictions are soalso extending pool hours. e aers complete list ofoo pl hours and locatioathe t website. just search pools. a diet promoted as healthy for your body may be good for your mind. a new study finds that seniors who are active and follow the
5:56 pm
mediterranean diet show a lower risk for developing alzheimer's disease. the mediterranean diet includes a lot of fruits and veggies and fish and very little red meat and poultry. the studies followed 1800 seniors over a period of five years and shows those with high physical activity levels who follow the diet reduced their risk for alzheimer's by 44%. >> the mediterranean diet can help maintain healthy blood vessels. and good cholesterol levels. still maintaining blood flow to the brain. obviously it is imperative for maintaining brain function. >> that study is published in "the journal of the american medical association." new technology is making it possible to help stroke patients connect with their doctors over 100 miles away. mary king has that story. >> touch your nose and then touch my finger. >> reporter: at 51, barbara had all the symptoms after stroke.
5:57 pm
>> you look at your own hands and don't look like yours. >> reporter: rushed to the hospital and her first step was to determine what was happening. so the doctor was paged and was bedside in eight minutes. on this television screen. >> first thing running through my mind, it changed quickly. >> reporter: while there are three neurologists at washington county they are not always in the hospital. they now do what's called telestroke. docts who specialize in stroke care in pittsburgh are always available to examine a patient. >> you can look at my eyes, take a look at my legs, how i was holding my arms. >> reporter: that was to decide if she needed the only approved clot busting drug for stroke patients. >> on call. we are much more familiar with e criterion and assessment. >> reporter: in the two months kamt online 12 patients have been assessed and four given the tpa drug. >> there are over 50 telestro
5:58 pm
connectivity ports throughout the hospital. a physician can get connected. >> start the medication as soon as the stroke starts, the outcome is better. >> reporter: doctors are still trying to determine what she experienced. with the new technology they were able to rule out a major stroke. >> give them direction about, you know, blood pressure, treated, dosing, and the next step in caring for the patient. >> reporter: technology that's on air when a life is on the line. i'm mary king for nbc news. coming up, president obama makes his case for health care reform. wendy joins him handily next with "news4 at 6:00." there is new information tonight about the teen apparently killed by pit bulls in loudoun county.
5:59 pm
general motors says theew chevy volt will be able to get 230 miles per gallon. the world is mourning the loss of special olympics founder eunice kennedy shriver. it is an issue that had people turning out in big numbers across the country and holding the demonstrations. we are talking about the prospect of health care reform. good evening. i'm jim handly. >> i'm wendy rieger. jim and doreen are off this evening. the president held a town hall on the issue today. it was much quieter than we have seen in others. steve handelsman has more from capitol hill. >> reporter: thanks. good evening. this obama health care town hall is open to the public. tickets by lottery and there sure was the expectation of disruption. but it didn't happen. president obama went to new hampshire to reformulate his health care pitch. this taking a beating in the latest sxols town halls. >> health insurance reform. >> reporter: insurance reform is the new you obama spin. >> getting a good deal from the


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